Let's face it.
It's a time of change.
It's true about so much around us.

JOCKO is also undergoing a renaissance, of sorts.
and this change is good - very good.
> with revolutionary new styles & exciting products
> a fresh, useful, comprehensive new website
> a new corporate mission
> new partnerships to complement how you live your life
> new advertising and PR
> a revitalized willingness to solicit and incorporate your feedback
> and, frankly, a reborn sense of whimsy and fun

We're sure you'll agree that at JOCKO, this change is very good.

What hasn't changed, however, is my earnest commitment to you, our customer. with that, I renew my dedication to offering fashion, style and comfort that fits and re-enforces.

So, take a look around.
See what's new and exciting here at JOCKO. And let me know what you think. I'd love to hear about and learn from - what you think.

look good > feel good > change the world.

At JOCKO, it's more than a mission,
it's a promise.