Our Brands


Men's underwear, swimwear, and activewear brands- There are a lot of men's underwear companies out there; there are some that design for function and there are some that design strictly for style. We believe that we have picked the best of the best in the men's designer underwear world to be part of our assortment. We love men's underwear. We chose the brands we carry because they are sexy, provocative, fashionable and fun to wear. We also chose these brands because of their comfort and functionality. We did not choose them because they are the trendy brand or the brand that is at all the major department stores. Those are the brands we didn't choose. We carry men's designer underwear by American Jock, Baskit, CA-RIO-CA, Go Softwear, Jack Adams, Mundo Unico, N2N Bodywear, and YOCISCO. We want you to feel great about the underwear you are wearing. And for the privileged few that do see you in your underwear, we want them to take notice and compliment you on your choice- because you are unique and you look hot in them. We want them to tell you how great you look in your sexy, provocative, fashionable and fun underwear from WhiteyTighties.com!