CA-RIO-CA Swimwear Vintage Posters Short Boardshort

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Not the kind of guy who wears a bikini or square cut swim suit? No problem; CA-RIO-CA Vintage Posters Short Boardshorts are for you.These men's board shorts are cut shorter than a traditional  boardshort (cut just above the knee), have a low rise, and drawcord waist. The shorts do not have a liner, so they can be worn over a jock, thong, bikini, brief or nothing at all. Made in Brazil.


  • CA-RIO-CA Swimwear Vintage Posters Boardshort
  • Low rise
  • Cut shorter than a traditional boardshort
  • No liner
  • Retro vintage Brazil posters print
  • Back Velcro pocket
  • Drawcord waistband
  • Great as a cover up
  • Made in Brazil

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